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Let's Celebrate Life!

I'm celebrating...
1. a pleasant morning drive
2. my favorite breakfast served
3. a fresh clean face because I had a facial from my derma yesterday
4. new clothes from yesterday's shopping
What do you want to celebrate today?

good on you! i love to be pampered as well!

life is fab!

yes Jase, life is fab!

a good weather today is something to celebrate about.

oo nga Ymir, I forgot to list that down :)

my hubby lossing weight?
nyahahaha *wink*

now tha'ts something to celebrate Bee. naalala ko tuloy, si hubby pumayat din :)

let's celebrate that blogger is not acting up today! hehe!

hi jairam, makikicelebrate na lang ako sayo.. hahaha. Life is fun! ;)

BTW, thanks for dropping by my blog :). nice blog, simple & cute. i'll link you up :).

awww! LOSING pala sorry*shy*

I'm celebrating your happiness and the cheer it brings! :)

Happiness often means the simple things we find pleasurable and be contented with....I think today I can celebrate a nice morning walk near the sea and talk to some fishers selling their catch on the bayside...

wow!!! i'm celebrating friday? hahaha! but i'm just happy today coz i've talked to him. hahaha ;p

it's friday! that's good enough a reason to celebrate! happy weekend to you Jairam!

we've found the elusive "girl thing" (my recent post).

hubs and i are celebrating since last night. hehehe!

we're celebrating with you also!

life is great!

nagce-celebrate ako dahil mayroon akong isang big sis na gaya mo! aylabbbbssshooo.... syempre, celebrate na rin natin ang happiness mo! mwuah!

thanks for this post. it made me smile. let me add..i got home safe. that's a reason for me to celebrate. :)

let's celebrate because we still have breath to live :-) thank God for another day!

something to celebrate about..
the fact that our families are safe! ... and that my internet connection isn't acting up! ;p

Aba oo nga noh...simple joys can make us happy and enough to make us smila for the whole day :)

yeah,lets celebrate!!
Im celebrating,too jane kahit na umuulan almost everyday :)

Life is truly good. Today I'm celebrating because it's Friday, and it's payday!! yehey! :D

agree with Jmom!:) Flyday and payday!!! aye!!

That my laptop hasn't completely zonked out since it was repaired last month!

Why celebrate this lemon of a laptop you ask? Because through it, I met new fun friends like you whose zest for living is truly infectious!

God bless!

"a fresh clean face because I had a facial from my derma yesterday"

And I wanted a GREAT summer TAN and be totally wet in a murky lake cuz that's what I did yesterday albeit typhoon #1 in HK and no SUN at all.

GOOD on you Jane, if you did something great, reward yourself with pampering.

Lets celebrate everyday!

ooh-ooh! (raises hand like a kindergarten student in class) me! me! i love this. it's like oprah's gratitude journal! which i have...

i am thankful for:

(1) the rain...coz i get to stay inside and watch lots of movies

(2) my dog, Chuckie...who woke me up at 2:00 p.m. from a "Queer As Folk" marathon

(3) Chai Spice tea...my favorite which is paired with the next thing I'm thankful for today...

(4) Banana Bread...made by The Original Buko Pie, which is so divine....

(5) Just for being able to breathe...

my boss is not around... not just celebrating today but for 2 weeks hehehe

yes Bambi, tha's something to celebrate ;) thanks blogger :)

thanks so much lalaine, will link you up too :)

no prob Bee!

thanks so much for celebrating with me Kuya Rey, I hope you're doing great too!

hello Major Tom, now I like what you're celebrating :) Yay!

uuy, in love na naman ang little sis Tin ko :)

happy weekend to you too Kuya Nick!

let's share our blessings then Princess :)

thanks so much Rhoanne, naku ang tanda ko na tuloy, pero ang saya dahil may mga younger sis ako :)

we all need to celebrate being able to go home safe Atticus, cheers!

Rejoice in the name of the Lord, nothing beats that Ate Bing!

Hi Maiylah, that's a big thing to celebrate :)

oo nga Cielo, it's the small things in life that give us pure pleasure so let's not take them for granted :)

hi Ghee, how have you been?

hello Jmom, I love payday!

hello Winn, flyday and payday, yay!

wow, thanks for the kind words Senor. we all love our laptop, it keeps us in-touch with friends and the world. that's so cool!

hi K, I heard the sad news about the typhoon in HK. so many people were stranded in our airport bound to go to HK and see Disney :(

that's nice Mmy Lei, let's celebrate today and the days to come ;)

hi Jerome, I love what you're celebrating. Cheers! :)

wow Pare, 2 weeks ang tagal nun ah :) sarap buhay, he he

hi guys, tonight I'm celebrating a happy work environment. even if it's odd that everyone must be asleep by now for tomorrow's work, i'm on a night shift today. i work best at night, ya know.

I wanted to celebrate my happy face today... happy ako eh!

happy ako TK kasi happy ka :)

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