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I Scream For Ice Cream

Today is my first time in ten years of stay in Manila to find one like this right at my doorstep. I was lucky I got home just in time to catch him. Don't you just miss "Mamang Sorbetero" and his dirty ice cream? Got this one for P10/$0.20.

20 cents? I'm packing my bags and heading to the Philippines! hehehe
I heard shopping is cheap there but I didn't realize how cheap! Even the food? Just my place to live! Thanks for the dessert post! It looks really refreshing and delish, too.

You should see the place where they make those ice creams.... :-)

yep, the food here is quite a feast ms purple. and shopping is cheap. i'm sure you'll enjoy your visit here ;)

mr sngl, i'm leaving it at that. better not seeing how they prepare it. might not like how it is done, he he.

You're right about not seeing where they make those ice cream... in fact, don't even watch the sorbetero scoop the ice cream! :) It's enough that you're eating heaven from a cone. BTW, no ube?

they don't call that "dirty ice cream" for nothing. but in all honesty, i like the cheese flavor.

thanks for hopping into my wonderful blog. mwah!

we had such an ice cream stand in our sportsfest. Ubos sya in a couple of hours.

Wait, is it called dirty ice cream because they are literally 'dirty' when making or handling the ice cream? I'm new to this so help a poor girl out? :P

Nice blog and interesting photos... the making of a famous blog!!! Keep up the good work!

And yes, i love street ice cream ...

Yes, I miss dirty ice cream, Php2 lang sya noon..hehehe..(tagal na pala).

My kids don't believe me when I told them about this what we call dirty ice cream until last vacation, inabangan ko nga sa labas just to show them. Kinabukasan sila na yung nag-aabang..hehehe.

sorry toe, no ube e. cheese, chocolate and strawberry only.

sure empress expect me to come back again. and yes, cheese is my favorite too.

oo nga kuya nick, sobrang mabenta talaga ang ganitong ice cream. imagine, ten years akong nagantay sa Manila para sa kanya, he he.

Yeah, ms purple. I think that's what they mean aside from the fact that it is sold in the streets, although I myself haven't seen how it is prepared.

tnx for the compliments jase! touched ako, he he :)

naku ate ann, ang tanda na nga natin. oo 2 pesos lang siya noon, he he.

I posted my EVIL days meme...I think I will take it down within a few days...I'm so ashamed of it...I listed it in the same manner you did!

way to go ms. purple ;) i'll check your site now.

miss ko na sha..pero d bale,nakakain ako last dec.

then,pwede uli this??

i dont like the ube. i like how the sorbetes looks like in the pic. i try this once in a while.

treat kita ghee, he he!

ate bingskee pareho tayo, ube is always my last choice. actually, madalas cheese lang ako. ang tagal lang kasi bago nakatikim kaya lahat ng flavors hiningi ko :)

hi there :) thanks to my company, we get free sorbetes whenever we "hit" the target. so i get my sorbetes fix at least twice a year!

hay, sharleen I wish I had the same perks :) wait lang, you from casino?

done some changes in my comments settings...check check!

looks normal to me, relief :)

wow dirty ice cream! my fave... tukneneng girl, quail eggs coated with orange batter... yyum!

ow dko alam yun ah. ice cream na lang ako ;)

Nice shots jairam. More!

Miss ko na nga ang Mamang Sorbetero. Napapakanta tuloy ako. :)

*sigh* i miss it too! and the sugar cone... yum yum!

so delicious!

bloghopped from wisheart ann's blog.
Kakamiss yang ice cream na yan sa atin lalo na yung keso flavor.
Tahoooo, tahooo yan miss ko rin yan hehe

tnx kulas ;)

oo nga niceheart. when I was in grade school, kinakanta pa namen yun sa school e he he.

Mrspartygirl, thats my fave cone too. I dont like the orangey, soft cones.

wow toni, we share the same delight in ice cream. cool ;)

Kadyo, oh I love the cheese flavor too. And the taho is great for breakfast, sarap din :)

thanks Anonymous

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