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Great News For Chocolate Lovers

My Chocolate Walnut Brownie from Starbucks

According to the latest health news I read, a new study hints that chocolate may actually boost brain power. Now, that's something. No more guilt when I indulge in chocolate bars and cakes. Yipee!
While at Starbucks last night, I saw these cute bears on the rack...hmmm, I'm adding one on my wishlist. Wink.

I can NEVER turn down a brownie and that one looks so delicious. I want a bear too!
Unfortunately, there is no starbucks here.

really? without starbucks you're missing half of your life,lol.

Those bears are so so so cute. I love them in their little golf outfits!

yes tones, they're cuddly too :)

love starbucks' passion tea and belgian waffles. kaya lang kakaguilty...the brownie looks great. yum! link kita ha! :D

i love their belgian waffles too.
tnx for the link karol :)

nice template jane:)
hindi ba nakakahiyang kumuha ng litrato sa loob ng mga shops and resto? :)

salamat pala sa pagbisita sa larawan :)


hindi naman, although madalas nagpapaalam ako. :)

There's a small coffee shop in the Westin here that has a small kiosk that brews Starbucks coffee and that's it. However, I've been told the authentic Starbucks ROCKS!

buti nalang sinabi mo, makadaan nga sa bilihan ng chocolates mamaya. hehehe

yes ms purple it does. the place is very cozy and you can always stay there for a cup of coffee and some girl talks :)

hi there cruise! cge, dagdagan mona para sakin yung iba :)

I used to buy that exact chocolate walnut brownie with a cafe latte EVERYDAY from the Rockwell Starbucks and eat them while driving home. Well, you could be right... I passed all my exams. :)

Oh sorry Jane... I was the one who posted pala the last comment.. Toe. :)

I just love chocolate brownies. The type you have in your blog, with wallnuts - yummy! Sometimes, my Deary bakes some for me. And I have to say that it is a lot better than Starbucks. I can't seem to stop eating them.

Now You had me wanting for some. I mean, like right now! ;-]

Toe, was like that when I was in college. Super coffee drinker. Pero wala [ang Starbucks nun, he he.
Kulas, you're so lucky you have a Deasy who bakes for you. Patikim ka naman jan, he he.

Besides Starbucks, I luv to indulge in Ice Blended Mocha at The Coffee Bean too - with devilious brownie or cheesecake oooolaaalaaa :P

Yep, Chocolate is not sinful afterall :P

Hi Shionge, looks like we have a lot in common. I go to Coffee Bean too. ;)

i love teddies. barista teddies! another bear to add on my collection1 hehehehe

yep, ang cute nila noh? parang tayo he he

What a nice new look Jairam...

Glad you liked it purplecupcake ;) I wanted to change my look days ago but I didn't have enough time.

This new template looks very nice indeed, it seems that blogger has come out with a lot of new templates since I stopped using it as my blogging platform. :-)

your new skin is cool!

I love chocolate brownies,too! :)

maganda ang bago mong skin. bagay sa title mo (being an insomniac), malamig pa sa mata.

um... figaro loyalty awardee ako e :D hehehe!

Hey this is really cool! Way to go blog buddy!

Yup - we can be chocoholic pals too :P

Hi Jane,

Chocolates do make the brain more active. My wife always reason that out everytime she craves for one. lol. I just don't like what it does to the body though.

Cute bears!!!

too bad for you singlgy, wordpess is cool. I just don't like the idea of transferring posts,links,etc. matrabaho. eto ngang change ng template pahirapan! I need to edit pa my previous posts because of the margin thing :( d pako tapos

tnx ghee! ako love ko anything chocolate-y :)

tnx mama jen. naku may free akong figaro sa work ;)

thx Shionge, that's A-okay with me

oo kuya Rey, great effect but fattening :(

Any new excuse to eat Chocolate is just fine with me!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm adding you to my list! :)

oo nga crystal, we never ran out of excuses just to have a bite of ooh yummy chocolates, he he. I'm adding you on my list, too :)

Please send that brownie over!!! LIKE YOUR BLOG!

mrsmogul - now sending one virtual brownie to you, lol
tnx for the visit and the compliments ;)

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