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Jairam/Jane's Evil Days

Because Ajay (ang promotor nito) is a good friend, I'm mustering enough guts to put my "Wild Side" list (in my distant past) in print for all to see.
Warning : you will not like what you'll find out here!

I am pierced. Here's a picture of my tummy.

I used to drink occasionally (which was almost everyday, I partied too often) and was a chain smoker.

I ledge danced, I was a party animal.

I didn't finish a formal driving course and turned out to be reckless driver. During my first attempt, I drove a friend's car and hit a lamp post. He was kind enough not to charge me for the damages. Whew!

When I was a kid, I used to bully a neighbor. It came to a point where I threw a stone at him and hit him in the head. (Oh my, I was evil!)

I watched a "male dancer" in a special program held at my gay friend's place. (Eeewww, disgusting.)

As a kid I was a brat, as in! (What Jane wants, Jane gets type of brat.)

At present :
I am a reformed person - a devoted wife and a loveable daughter/daughter-in-law/sister/sister-in-law/friend. (I hope!) Alcohol free, non smoker but still with a pierced tummy and a reckless driver. Am I still evil now?

Oh Jairam! This is a very interesting post...hahahaha but I love it! We get to know a different side of the person. Hey, we're not all perfect, right? I'm NOT! Hmm, should I post one too? OMG! What will people think? I will think about it and let you know if I do, it's so tempting to do it. I had to giggle when I read yours!
I'm glad you are now a 'reformed' person. However, the skeletons in the closet will always be there. lol lol I know that you are a great person no matter what!

Almost everyone was a rebel at one time or another in their teens, it's just part of growing up. At least you mended your ways, haha. :-D

tnx so much ms purple. there's always a room for improvement, eh?

yes, sngl. it took a while but now i'm glad i became the person that i am today, by learning from my previous mistakes ;)

Thanks for sharing Janey. I enjoyed every bit of this post. Am still trying to figure out the totality of your pierced tummy.The picture seems very creative. I am pierced myself, by way of my caesarian operation, hahahah.Is it reckless or wreckless?? They have totally opposite meanings you see;)- ajay

he he, pierced talaga yan. i'll show you tom.

no,not at all...at least you are gutsy and true to urself.

and boy!nice pierce!

Yup - we have the ice-cream too either in tricycle or motorcycle. Home-made and it's cheap too.

Wow - you are a 'total package' :P

tnx ghee, you're a sweet blog pal :)

tnx so much Shionge :)

wow, and youre a ledge dancer. way to go jairam!

well papa owen, that was years ago. ahem, pero baka sakaling kayanin ko pa :)

bait naman ng friend mo at di ka siningil sa damages sa kotse nya, alam ko na kung bakit hehe hindi kaya sya yung neighbor mo na muntikanan mo nang batuhin ng bato hehehe

Hindi po. Pero yung binato ko, naging friend ko na nung tumanda kame. I am blessed with super bait friends, kaya thankful ako. Tsaka kung car nayun, nabenta na nya and he bought a brand new CRV, big time si Papa eh, he he.

No worries. Nice girls with just the right hint of bad are great. Little miss goody two shoes is plain boring.

Now if we can only get photographic evidence of the ledge dancing and that piercing...


you naughty adam, that was ages ago! he he

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