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X-Men Fever

He's not my favorite character but the picture is so nice I just had to post it.

After dinner it had to be the movies , Oya and I agreed it should be X-men. Glenda had to go home early because Zia might wake up anytime and look for her (just another small sacrifice when you're a mom already). The movie? Action packed, impressive lights and sound effects, more humanly as the plot dealt with jealousy, love and death, but it was a disappointment...why did Cyplos have to die when he is my favorite? Sigh.

archangel (the other incarnation of angel) was my favorite character from the comics. but i didn't like him in the movie because he was weird and broody and the actor they cast is short and ugly! haha... sorry to fans of the actor (don't even know his name :) )

yep, i agree with you. don't know the actor's name too. i was there for Cyclops, or was it the actor I was watching out for? hmmm...

Cyclops died?????!!!!!!! :)

oops sorry for the hint. yes, he did. you need to see the movie though coz I aint telling how, he he

ow, man! cyclops is my fave character (i also like wolverine and beast) simply because he looks so hot in those sunglasses! ohhlalala!

OMG, my kids and I just came home from watching this movie! I read that Cyclops died before I actually went to go watch it so I wasn't surprised...If I didn't know, I would be soooo mad! I love him! He's so hot and I think it's the shades that makes him so mysterious too. He's definitely my fave mutant. I hope they find a way to bring him back to life like the way they did with Jean Grey! He deserves to live.
We really enjoyed the movie, I love seeing what new mutants they have each movie. It makes me wish I was one. hehehehehe

annabanana, we have the same fave characters and acrors ;) this same guy here will be seen on the next Superman Returns movie.

hi ms purple, enjoyed the movie with the kids, huh? we're both drooling because of Cyclops so I hope he comes back in the next movie ;)

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