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Ten Simple Bliss

This is a great way to start the day, more so because I'm enjoying this cake while blogging. (Not exactly a healthy breakfast, but what the heck? It's soooo good. I wish I can share it with you.)

I was tagged by Ajay and Ate Bing so I'm playing tag too. I'm tagging Purplecupcake Shionge Ghee Ann Nice Heart Bambi (my most recent links) and the rest of my links who weren't tagged yet.

Ten simple things that make me smile and say "Life is good!"

    1. Dylan's kiss on my forehead. 2. Girl talks over tea and cakes. 3. When someone tells me "Hey, you look great. I love what you're wearing!" even if it actually took me 5 minutes to pull the outfit together (yes ladies, I can do that especially if I'm running late because I was up all night blogging, ha ha!). 4. 150kph at the NLEX without getting caught (speed limit is 100kph, tsk tsk bad girl here). 5. Phone call and SMS from friends I haven't seen for a long time. 6. Haagen Dazs ice cream on a hot day. 7. A good DVD, coke light and chips on a rainy day. 8. Breakfast in bed lovingly prepared by D. 9. A spa treatment on a weekend. 10. Watching the sunrise and sunset on the condo roof reck.

    Uy, I got tagged. :)

    Why on the forehead? hehehe.

    Ok. I'm done with my homework.

    wow, so tempting to grab one like that... oppps forget diet and eat! hehehe

    oh,i like your number 2,3,6,and 9. :)

    oh,im on the list? sabagay,madali lang gawin ang tag kesa mag isip ng entry. :)

    3 entries on a Saturday? You're on a roll girl, hehe. These days, I can't do more than one post.

    BTW, Fish and Co. ought to pay you for the plug in your blog. LOL! :-D

    oo miss niceheart so you better do your homework and no copying answers :)

    kasi ann may kiliti ako sa forehead kaya may kilig, he he he

    panay kain ko mmy lei, obvious na ata s blog ko aha ha!

    naku ghee magkasundo pala tayo! too bad we're worlds apart. kundi panay lakwatsa natin ;)

    mr snglguy, bka po busy ka sa ibang bagay. ako, walang magawa lagi kaya computer na lang hinaharap ko :)
    Fish & Co. and all the rest na minention ko sa blog. wow! free meals na lang, okay na sakin. ang takaw!

    oh, i tagged you about this he he eneweiz, we have two almost common simple pleasures. the cake looks yummy but i cant eat it on a breakfast.

    wow tnx for tagging me Bing ;) I'll check your site now.

    hello jane!
    i love this tag, makes you realize that there ar elots of things in life to be thankful for, di ba? have a great sunday! :D

    Thank you for the tag! It was hard to limit it to just 10 things in life that are great!
    Your list was wonderful and definitely would make me smile too!
    I love what you ate for breakfast, that's something I would eat for breakfast...lol I don't care what I eat in the morning, I even drink Pepsi!

    yep annabanana, sometimes we become too busy with our lives we forget to stop and smell the flowers ;) we often neglect the little things that make our day pleasurable so this is a good way of reminding ourselves

    purple, i'm so glad that your list exceeds 10! we have good lives and that's something that we should be thankful for :)

    Jairam, I forgot to ask you...did you catch the ending of the credits when Charles Xavier talks to Dr. Moira? Signs of a 4th Xmen...

    Yo it feels great to be tagged isnt' it? We are blog buddy now hurray!

    Yup, indulge while we can isn't it that's why I can't resist my chocolate heee :P

    ur sure blessed with a handful of things to thank God for and glad u take pleasure in the simple things.

    i see that you've already linked me, ill do the same ok?

    hope 2 read more of ur posts.

    blog leaping.. :)

    yes purplecupcake! was able to catch it after ignoring the faces of other viewers who were in a hurry to leave the cinema...probably wondering why I was still glued on my seat :)cant wait for xmen 4!

    shionge it's nice to have a blog buddy like you who always have interesting stories about life and the country I fell in love with days ago :)

    hi there egoddess, tnx for the link. will visit your home in a while...

    tnx for dropping by, ms elle :)

    hi janey. just got back and off to work in a few mins. very good choice in your list:) - ajay

    wow! will check your page for new posts ;)

    jane, you are blessed with life's goodness and maybe actually living the great "Filipino Dream"...keep it up! have a nice day! -omski

    tnx omski, I hope you are enjoying life as much as I am :)

    thank you

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