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This Week's Food Craving and Malling Experience

Late last night it was squid balls. We drove around the Makati area and viola! We were lucky to find "Totoy" at Buendia corner Dela Costa street. He said his cart is open everyday at the same spot from 7pm 'till 4am. Wow! And he pays the police P15/$0.3 everyday to keep them away (I'm sure you know what I mean). Whoa! Yummy squid balls, dirty street food never fail to lift my spirits. Will worry about getting sick later, ugh.
Tonight D and I had dinner at Healthy Shabu-Shabu in Mall of Asia. It seems like this mall will see much of us in the coming days. It's a short 5 minute drive from my office. Ha!
Before heading home we spent P100/$2 at the Power Station for some video games and my honey's first love - basketball. We had fun especially in the CanAlley and won a total of 145 points.
Great night. Must do it again. Wink.

Mall of Asia, under construction sya nung bakasyon kami eh. Is it really big?

That's why I would love to vacation to Philippines, everything is so cheap! I was supposed to go there a few years ago with a friend but she backed out. I will one day just to shop shop shop!!!!!
Interesting for Totoy to be open from 7pm to 4am...Do you know why it is open so late?

Yup, yummy street food is yummilious :P

I want to find out from you, the 'boloh' or something (duck egg), our fren, Tancy is a Filipino married to a Singaporean here and they told us it is a delicacy...can you tell me more please? Thank you.

naku ann, since 2 floors lang ang shopping stalls, ang haba tuloy ng building. kasi nga reclaimed area siya kaya they can't really construct something very heavy ata kaya lengthwise sya. the papers say that it's the 2nd largest mall in Asia though :) until now nga isang side pa lang naiikot namin, ha ha.

purplecupcake, Totoy is popular among the "night owls" - call center agents, he he. he earns bigger bucks with his sched because he is the only one available during that time.

shionge - it's good that we have something in common craving for street food, ha ha. It's either you are talking about the balut, one day old or quek2. Will blog about these next time. I will have to take pics so you would know how they look like :)

Yes I saw the Amazing Race and they have to take a challenge by eating of these.

Have you tried it yourself? How does it taste like? Do you like it?

Would be interesting to share with fellow blog pals what I'm taking about :D


Jairam, exactly where is Totoy located? Our office is located right on dela Costa Street!

I suck at arcade games. Sa bahay lang ako naglalaro ng PS2 :-)

I think she's talking about balut...My husband and kids like these..I, however, CANNOT eat these...the smell..ugh!
I can't bring myself to eat it. My husband said it has a salty taste. Do you like it?

Been a long time since I've had those fishballs for snack. I remember it first became popular during my elementary years... in 1973.

shionge, I love balut even if it gives me bad cholesterol. ha ha. I'll try to find a vendor tomorrow night so I can blog about it ;)

naku, ikaw talaga mr watson ha! hindi ka cguro naglalakad-lakad jan sa area mo, he he. dela costa st makati ha corner buendia. nasa tapat sya ng mc do. nga pala, totoy lang ang tawag ko ha pero I wasn't able to ask his name. totoy kasi tawag ko pag dko alam name eh. he he.

hey pretty purple pal! never mind the smell, taste lang a bit. it wont hurt ;)

aku din snglguy, miss ko na fish balls. wala na nga ata nun ngayun e, puro squid balls na lang nakikita ko.

ang ganda mo pala jairam :)
kaingget :)

anu ka ba? side view kaya yan, he he. kaw din naman maganda e, maganda din kalooban. halata ko sa mga posts mo ;)

it looks like you enjoyed singapore to the max. and yes, youve done things ive not even done. and ang galing naman ng mall of asia, may IMAX na sa manila. im an IMAX addict, i alwasy make sure i catch one if im in Sydney.

I can't wait to see your balut post...That will be very interesting and cool!

oo nga Owen Singapore was a treat for me as much as IMAX is a treat for Filipinos. tnx to Henry Sy, we can now enjoy a good movie a few minutes away from home, di na kailangan mag abroad ;)

hey there ms purple yep the balut is now popular because of the fear factor show ;)

hi! nice blog you have here! uy, naka-link ako sa yo, link din kita ha. ;)

Miss ko na ang fishballs. I don't think I have tried squidballs, though.

sure meowk :)

naku niceheart, sarap sarap. pero miss kona din mga fish balls. wala na atang nagbebenta nun eh.

wahhh,i miss squid balls.I just had lunch at the Korean restaurant right now,how could I crave for them in just a snap? :)

Ako rin,i dont care bout the dirty streets,yun ang namimiss ko sa Pinas.kakasawa na nga ang ambiance ng mga rest.dito hehe.totoo yan!

Jane,you look good at that gray blazer ;)

tnx for the compliments ghee! korek ka jan, minsan mas masarap kumain sa streets. d mo nga lang alam kung ano ba yung nagpapasarap sa luto nila, kaya ako bahala na may vitamins naman eh he he :)

Oooo fishballs! How much are they now? I used to buy them for 10 centavos per piece.

ha ha toe, that was ages ago! totoy sell squid balls for P2.50@ and the last time na available pa ang fishball P1@. kaya lang wala nang nagbebenta ng fishball ngayun.too bad kasi favorite ko din yun eh.

Whaaaat???? No more fishballs???? @#$%^ :)

yes toe, too bad for us. na phase out na ata. :(

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