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A Night Out With Friends

It's been a while since we last saw each other. Glenda is busy being a wife, a mom to my cute 1 year old "inaanak" Zia and a career woman who will be undergoing 7-month long training for for her upcoming promotion (yay, cheers to my good friend!). Oya just got back from Singapore after a week of company sponsored study. And I was busy blogging all the time (ooops, nothing much going on with me, eh?) Tonight is a breathing space for all of us. Work and family affairs have pretty much consumed most of our time that we rarely saw each other unlike before when Friday nights always meant girls' night out.
I was the first one to arrive at Greenbelt II, so I was tasked to choose where to dine. I headed straight to Fish & Co. because it's the only restaurant in the area that we haven't tried yet.
Salad w/ Fried Anchovies and Garlic Chips (something different, healthy and delicious)
Seafood Marinara

and the house specialty -Fish and Chips

There was nothing spectacular about the food but we had a pleasant evening. Great conversations with two best friends is more than enough to satisfy your hunger, don't you agree?
Fish & Co. has branches worldwide - Singapore, Malaysia, in the Middle East, Australia, Indonesia and China. Visit their website at www.fish-co.com.

Anong sabi friend mo when you took pictures first before eating?..hehehe.

Kami minsan sabi nung youngest ko "What's that for Dada?"

Happy weekend!

he he. buti nga d naman natanong. hindi nagboblog mga yun e. pero they understand na may sarili akong mundo, ha ha. smart kid to be curious enough to ask huh! happy weekend too :)

Hi, I like your blog and pictures. Last year I visited the Philippines, and stayed in Makati. I love it there. It's such a beautiful country and people are so nice. Salamat. Take care, Scott

Tnx for visiting and taking time to give compliments on my blog Scott ;) I'm so glad that you enjoyed your stay in my country. Perhaps you can visit again? warm regards :)

Spending time with friends is something I enjoy too. Unfortunately, most of my friends have super busy lives so it's not often we get to chill with each other. I'm glad you got to be with them.
The food looks delicious too!

i wish we could have dinner someday ;) its always nice to go out with new found friends.

hey jane, i'd like to try the fish and chips..can you post some prices? thanks-omski

naku omski, that one I failed to post kasi I didn't get the receipt. total bill for all plus 3 drinks was about P1500.

hey jane, looks pricey if that is the bill for 3 of a kind and 3 drinks...but tax included ..must be around P350-P400...mag fishball na lang ako! he! he! ;-)-omski

medyo pricey nga sya. tig P500 kame bale :( balut at squid balls na nga lang tayo, he he

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