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In Awe About Sentosa

I bought combo tickets to go to this place and got a free entrance to the Dolphin Lagoon. With a total purchase of Sing$78 I was able to avail of the following attractions :

* Cable Car rides ~ from the Harbour Front Centre to Mt. Faber and then back before finally getting to Sentosa.

* Underwater World ~ enter the world of sea creatures via a moving travellator that gets you through an acrylic tunnel right into the depths of the ocean.

* Siloso Beach ~ if only I had the time...the white sandy beach was tempting!

* Cinemania ~ watch two 5 minute movies while riding along the bumps and sudden stops simulating the film's rocking moves.

* Carlsberg Sky Tower ~ an observation tower which gives you a magnificent view of Singapore. Interesting facts : tower height - 360 feet, viewing height - 430 feet from sea level, lifting speed is 3.9 feet per second and cabin capacity is about 72 persons.

* Images of Singapore ~ I just had to see the history and culture of the island and it's people.

Special features include the Warehouse where you can catch the "Golden Wish" as it is summoned, the Jungle was an adventure trail from tiger sounds, monkey tails to snake tugging, the Harbour shows the hard labour of a "coolie" and on the Streets you can hop on the "rickshaw" for that special photo moment.

* The Merlion and Merlion Walk ~ watch the 5 minute show of how Singapura got it's name and the legend behind the Merlion statue before finally getting to the the top for another city view.

* Herb and Spice Garden Tour ~ don't fail to buy the sweet and refreshing herb drink for only Sing$1.50.

* Sentosa Luge and the Sky Ride ~ I love heights and speed! The luge is part go-kart and part toboggan, and it proved to be an exciting ride. On the way back while on the sky ride, I accidentally dropped my luge pictures. The cashier was kind enough to give me another sky ride ticket for free so I can claim my bag. Wow, free ride. Ha ha.

* Dolphin Lagoon ~ the exotic pink dolphin show. The dolphins are actually born gray but as they age, they lose their color and little by little turn pink. I had to pay Sing$13 to be able to have a photo shoot with Jumbo, the eldest of the group. Jumbo is 25 years old.

* Musical Fountain Show ~ a must see in Sentosa. Adults and children alike enjoyed the lights, sounds and fountain extravaganza. This magical show introduces Kiki the monkey, Sentosa's mascot.

* Other attractions ~ (each with an entrance fee)
Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, Fort Siloso Tours, Sentosa 4D Magix, Sijori Wondergolf, The Flying Trapeze and Sentosa Orchid Gardens.
The area is huge one would need to take the bus or tram to go around. The Sentosa bus rides (blue line, red line, green line and yellow line) are included in the package so there's no need to worry about additional fees.
Sentosa Island Resort - Sentosa Island, Singapore ; www.sentosa.com.sg.

Wow, great photos again! I have added Singapore on my 'to go' destinations! hehehe
It looks like you had a lot of fun for 2 days. It looks very beautiful there and with a lot of activities. Did you accomplish everything you wanted to do there?

singapore has a beach????hehe. grabe ang dami mong pinuntahan.

sorry forgot. that's me..ajay

oo may beach, nakakatawa nga yung isa ang name eh palawan beach, o dba?

ajay, nga pala white sand pa ang beach nila huh! ang dami ngang europeans na dun tumutuloy e, dna namamasayal.

Purplecupcake, Singapore is a small country so it won't take a long time to go around the city. Although I didn't have enough time to shop, I was able to see the whole city and even the island in 2 1/2 days only.

Di ba bitin yung 2 days? Parang ang sarap mamasyal.

actually 2 and a half days akong umikot ikot. di naman bitin unless gusto mo magshopping. shopping lang naman talaga ang nakakatagal e diba?

Then you should wait for the Great Singapore Sale before planning another trip.

oo nga, sa June na yun db?

Kaya naman pala di ka nakapunta ng Davao e, nasa Singapore ka! Nakapunta na rin ako ng Sentosa. Yeeeeaaars agooooo. Trabaho rin na may pasyal sa huling couple of days.

salamat sa link ha! Link rin kita!

astig ka talaga mr. watson ha, puro libre yang mga travels mo. how I wish ganun din samin :(

Yun nga lang, magtrabaho ka muna bago lakwatsa. :-)

okay na din yun, kahit papano may perks pa din na free airfare dba?

thanks :)

thanks :)

thanks :)

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