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There's Always A First Time

My recent trip to Singapore was memorable in a lot of ways not only because I had a great time but because it was full of "firsts".
It was my first time...
- to travel abroad alone.
- to book a flight on-line.
- in Singapore.
- to go abroad without a travel package so I had to go around the city on my own.
- to use a city map and found out that I am good in finding places!
- to ride the MRT and a bus in a foreign country.
- to walk alone in the streets at night without worrying of being robbed.
- to travel abroad without shopping. *sigh*

You must be so proud of yourself. :)

I am, achievement to eh, ha ha!

Did you take Air Asia, or Tiger Air?

hi snglguy I took jetstar :)

I have to say it is great to be an independent traveler. Lagi kaming ganiyan, never buying a package tour, we are just armed with a Lonely Planet and off we go. Mas na-da-digest ko ang lugar kung ganoon, hindi yung ipapasada lang sa harap mo ang sights and tapos na.

Kaya nga nakakakoleksyon na ako ng Lonely Planet eh, Athens, Rome, Vienna, Prague, etc.

Thumbs up for your effort!


tnx for the compliments LIW! you are right, mas nakakaikot ka when you do it on your own. at enjoy pa, pawisan nga lang kaya panay ang palit ng shirts :)

Hey - that's great! You finally did it alone just by your wits. Great learning experience, isn't it? The true joy of exploring places is discovering stuff through your own initiative, thereby seeing things in a more personal perspective. So avoid those package tours - they're a drag and oh-so-boooooring.

yes kuya al, sobrang great learning experience and enjoy ako to the max. and with that, there wont be any more package tours for me :)


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