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Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

Probably one of the most beautiful zoo set up you'll ever see. The animals are enclosed in a natural habitat and one feels like entering "Tarzan's" jungle. During the day, the visitors can participate in the feeding programs and marvel at the animals in close range. The elephants are one of those that fascinate me, so I had to spend Sing$5 for the feeding basket after watching their show. They call me Jane but I don't get to feed elephants in this side of town, ha ha.

Great Wonders at the Zoo:
White Tigers - three of them running around in their own sanctuary unmindful of the tourists who are busy taking their pictures.
Rift Valley of Ethiopia - a troop of Hamadryas baboon alongside nubian ibexes, jackals, rock haraxes and banded mongoose.
Elephants of Asia - my personal favorite, watching the elephants bathe and bask in the sun put a smile on my face.
Wild Africa - find the King of the Jungle, cheetah, orangutan and the kudu.
Polar Bear - yep, there's one playing in the pool!
Fragile Forest - go inside and see the fluttering butterflies, birds, arboreal animals and sloths. You will aslso find the world's biggest flower in here.
Animal Rides and Animal Shows
Flora and Fauna - the garden with the view, orchid garden and the tropical fruits plantation.
Great Wonders at the Night Safari:
A wildlife adventure in the dark, be sure to take a tram ride across the land and discover the odd creatures playing, preying or just sleeping the night away oblivious to the visitors' presence. In the tram, a tour guide rides with the group to assist in the exploration. Though I 'm sure it is a thrilling experience, I didn't go through the walking trails anymore because I was too tired from the earlier tour at the zoo.
The Night Safari opens at 7:30pm and is a few meters away from the zoo so I suggest you devote half of your day for these tours. Be sure to purchase the combo tickets to be able to avail of the discounted rates.
Singapore Zoo and Night Safari - 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore; www.zoo.com.sg.

kaines naman pala ikaw
kung alam ko lang na pupunta ka dito sus!!!!! e di pinakain kita ng indian foods :) pero kaw taya
kasi la ako work e hehehehehe!

Wow, was this a vacation there? They are great photos! I would love to go there one day!

ikaw talaga melai, pilya ka. sumama nga ilong ko, alam mo na, dahil kasama ko ang mga yan sa pagpila sa night safari. hiya naman aku magtakip ng ilong :(

hey purple lady, it's so nice of you to drop by in my blog :) it was a very short 2 1/2 days vacation but I fell in love with the place, and I want to come back again soon :)

I was about to ask you if you went on a night safari in my last comment, hehe. It looks like you went, sayang you didn't take the walking trail, it's more exciting. But yeah, their zoo and aviary ranks as one of the best... :-)

puro walking kasi ako sa zoo kaya by the time the night safari opened, I was tired na. sayang nga din sana yung experience noh?

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