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Mall Of Asia And IMAX Rocks!

My in-laws received special invitations for the grand opening the other day. But because I just got back from Singapore, D and I went straight home. I was too tired from the trip. Too bad.
So this afternoon, with enough strength for another "lakwatsa" we took time to visit the mall and the IMAX of course. The mall and the cinema rocks to the max!
There were two movie choices - Everest and Nascar. D and I share the same passion for car racing so we opted for the latter 3D movie. And boy we had fun, fun, fun!
Dont' forget to check out the Coke Chill Station and the view from the cinema's exit, too. What are you waiting for? Go visit the mall and enjoy.
Mall Of Asia is in Pasay City, Reclamation Area. Just remember to take note of your parking slot and the entrance from there because the alleys can be quite tricky.

My cousins also got invitations for the grand opening last Saturday and was asking me if I wanted to come along... I backed out at the last minute though.

oh well, you can always visit it from now on, he he. I heard na sobrang dami ng tao during the opening. good thing hindi tayo kasama sa siksian :)

I like to hug that huge Coke too. :)

he he and cute ng coke noh?

OMG! I can't wait to go home and visit that mall!

must visit when you get home! ha ha.

This is very interesting site...
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