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Free Trial Workout From Fitness First

Because of the typhoon, I wasn't able to push through with my original plan of going out-of-town for a spa treatment. Who would want to go to Tagaytay on a rainy day and miss checking out the magnificent view of Taal Lake? Definitely not me.
Somehow, someone up there was kind enough to give me a replacement for the lost fun ~ Mercy of Fitness First Robinson's Manila called me to confirm my appoinment for a free trial work out. Ooops, I forgot that one! Good thing we didn't have plans for the day, so D and I made it to our 6:00 pm schedule.
The whole experience was a blast! A wide screen for movie watching at the exclusive treadmill room, the disco themed cycling room complete with mirror ball, disco lights and sounds, yoga group sessions, belly dancing, hip hop, body jam group classes, a membership kit (body bag, towel and water jug), steam bath and sauna room, top of the line gym equipments, diet plan from the nutritionist, free body assessment and 2-day personal trainer for only Php2,190/$44 per month. We almost signed up for the membership right away if only we were bringing our credit cards and some checks. The on-going promo offer of waived joining fee is good until tommorow only (hey, make that today!).
Thing is, it seems we changed our minds already. I mean, I'm not really a health buff plus we have a gym here in Heritage and all officers can avail of it's services for free but I seldom visit the place. And Dylan has regular basketball games.
Oh well, maybe the free trial is the first and last of our Fitness First.

P2,000 a month is expensive!! My two-year membership in Slimmer's is only P10K &they also have LCD screens on your equipment, classes galore etc. I wouldn't mind FF if the company is paying though, lolz -ajay

Hi,passing by again.everyday kang magupdate?wow!!i like the way you write.

exchange links? :)

Aha, kaya pala sexing sexy ka ha!Naku, c Dylan I think will have to pay almost 1k (under salary deduction pa) only because of the tie-up with their co. Too bad di ako pwedeng maki-ride dun. I don't want to check out Slimmer's na. Okay na cguro yung exercise ko ~ rumampa sa gaming area. Ha ha! Sayang yung monthly dues eh, pang out-of-town na din. may iboblog pa, he he. Wink.

Sure ghee, I linked you up already!

hey!if you're still up, i need to know your email add...for some instructions re your trip here to where i am right now...m not too familiar with how this blog thing works so m not sure if it's okay to reveal some top secret details here like our email adds and my whereabouts...hehhe...anyway, trying to make tipid kaya hindi thru text itong message ko...i'd be online every night except tuesday...so pop up anytime...

don't worry, it's safe to post anythng here....he he. pero better if you email me na lang.

ang mahal naman niyan :(
yan ang sinasabi ng sis ko e
pareho lang ang cost of living sa Singapore at Pinas ...pero bakit di tumataas ang sweldo diyan ..para naman maranasan ang "karaniwang tao" ang luxary na ganyan.

btw, thanks po sa bati :)

oo nga, parang dapat maging mayaman muna para makapag work out sa magandang gym!?!

Hello! Thanks for the greetings.

There are lots of physical fitness gym here in our place but they are exclusively for men, SR150/month (Php2,100).Meron din daw para sa babae pero sa loob ng hotel. My friend asked for the details a month ago. Membership fee is SR500 (Php7,000) and a monthly fee of SR250(Php3,500).Sa bahay na lang siguro ako mag eexercise.

Ang mahal naman nyan! Tama ka, ilalakad kona lang he he :)

It would be a lot cheaper in the long run if you invest in a home gym equipment like those 5 in 1 exercise machines... if you have a place for it that is.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, jairam. :-)

BTW, linked you too...

Jairam, last December I signed up to a local gym whose facilities were not as great as gyms near offices. I was out to prove that you don't have to have expensive facilites to work out. Plus, it was part of my New Year's resolution.

After two visits, di na ako nakabalik. :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog! Dalaw rin ako dito paminsan-minsan at maki-kain.

Snglguy, what I'm afraid of is that the machine might collect dust rather than be used here at home, har har!
tnx for the link ;)

Hey Watson! One would think that a nice gym would motivate them to go for work outs regularly, but I think otherwise. Kasi nasa tao talaga yun, mapa expensive or yung cheap gym, kung talagang tamad ka, you'll always find an excuse not to go. And I'm afraid I'm just like that, masasayang lang payment ko :(

I agree with you. Why pay when you have gym services available pala at work. Anyway, I think the Fitness First rate is quite reasonable considering the disco lights (hehe!) and all the classes available. Here in Cambodia, the monthly rate is $90 and that doesn't even include the use of the pool and the classes are so few.

Uy grabe naman pala dyan! I'd rather spend my money on something else like travelling or eating, he he!

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