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An Action Packed Friday

No matter how tired and sleepy I was, when D told me we were going out to watch MI 3, I immediately jumped out of bed. I'm not missing any movie of my all-time crush since high school, huh!
The movie was superb! As always, Tom Cruise never failed to flash his signature smile at his best angle of course, making me want to scream "I love you TC!". lol.
There was the usual face and voice imitation, the scene where Ethan Hunt suddenly drops and then halts suspended on air a foot from below before finally touching the ground and the high-tech gadgetries from beginning 'till end.
There was one disappointment though, they didn't show how he got the vial which supposedly contain the "rabbit's foot".
After the movie, while drinking at Dencio's, D had to listen to all my blah blahs...kept saying I can't imagine anyone else playing Hunt's part and how TC moved so gracefully you'd think he is real, etc, etc. Not drunk but star struck!
It is my favorite movie of the year. Unless of course, another Tom Cruise movie shows up this year, he he.

Ethan Hunt..not Hawke. - ajay

Now, I'm really tempted to see this one.

Aw, yes. Tnx ajay. An2k nko ah, ha ha!

niceheart, watch na. worth it talaga :)

I love Tom Cruise too! and yes, since high school! I used to have this Top Gun poster plastered on my closet door and it's the first thing I would see when I woke up each day. Haha! Yup, I watched this with the hubby, too. pero medyo dragging in some parts. but what the heck, it's a tom cruise movie so i didn't regret watching it! hehe :) yummy pa rin talaga sya! :P

yes yes! another tom cruise fan :)

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