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Thursday Morning Conversation

Went like...

At home, about 4:30am..
Me: B, wake up. I'm thirsty please get me a glass of water. Takot ako lumabas, madilim pa eh.
D: *Yawns* Okay. *absentmindedly goes to the kitchen*
Me: *Gulp* Thanks B. Ang aga natin nagising. *Giggles*
D: Ikaw diyan e.
Me: Alis tayo. Out of town pero huwag na tayo dala ng car para exciting.
D: Cge, let's ride the first bus we see.

At around 6:00 am we took the first bus going to Alabang. In Alabang we saw a bus terminal and a sign that said Batangas Pier. We didn't want to waste time so we boarded the first bus to leave.

On the bus..
Me: Saan tayo bababa?
D: *confidently says* Sa pier.

On the pier..
Me: Ngek, B this is the Batangas Pier! *a little nervous* Do you know where we're going?
D: Hinde. Pasok tayo.

We rode the first boat bound for Puerto Galera...

Ang cool niyo naman! I'm thinking of doing that one of these days, I will just need the right companion! lol -cb

Hi there CB, oo nga. Mas enjoy mga ganito, mas natutuloy pa nga kesa sa may plans minsan eh :)

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