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From Road Trip to Street Foods

Here's a quick list of Laguna TREATS we tried this week...

Lapid's Chicharon which we finished in a flash, no time to take pics, ha ha!

Kinulob na Itik from the town of Victoria ~ tastier than chicken.

Mr. Asado's pandesal in Los Banos ~ cheap and delicious!

Aling Lety's Buko Pie (D's personal favorite) ~ We bought from Aling Lety herself.

Bulalo, Inihaw na Salinas and Sinaing na Yellowfin at Avile's in Calamba ~ the best bulalo in town!
'Till our next visit, when I try out other delicacies. Slurp.


ooo nga, lalu na yung bulalo, he he

:)hilig ka ba kumain?

sobra! :)

wow! my kind of food, inggit na naman ako :) Thanks for visiting my blog.

he he, pareho tayong mahilig kumain

sarap naman. road trips are the best!!-ajay

naku, sinabi mo! uulit-ulitin ko nga e, ha ha

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