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You know the world is against you when...
- after a straight duty read: 10pm to 6am to 2pm you drive home and you encounter the worst traffic along Roxas Blvd.
- on the road, the stupid driver of a Pajero almost hits you!
- it takes you more than an hour to get home even if normally sans traffic, it takes you about 10 minutes.
- by the the time you're home, you are effed up big time and a stomachache (acidity from excessive coffee intake that kept you awake for almost 20 hours) is bothering you.
- you need to call the office to follow up something ~ your phone is dead, no tone at all.
- you use your cellphone to call the office and Bayantel to complain about the busted line.
- an hour later, just when you're about to fall asleep, dingdong! ~ Bayantel's lineman who miraculously acted on the complaint immediately.
- repaired phone, quiet home, you try to lull yourself to sleep.
Damn it. Can't fall asleep. Grrrr....it's been hours!

ahh, poor baby! you had one of those days you just want to erase :( The good thing is, another day of possibilities is just around the corner. Hope the next day will be better.

Love those subic pics, I didn't know they had all those things there now. Boy, I have been away for far too long.

You're right about those "bad days". I'm starting to feel that tomorrow is going to be alright :)

And yes, subic is a nice place. There are more beautiful places in our country waiting to be discovered :)

Thanks for dropping by & tnx for linking me.

Cheer up..things will get better. They always do;) - ajay

tnx Ajay :)

Kakalokah naman yan! Not everyday is Christmas (sabi nga nila).

Take care!

oo nga tawanan kona lng :) tnx

looks like you've had a bad day. I've had one myself a couple of weeks back. The good thing is that you don't get them twice in a row. They get to be normal agaim after a day.

tnx rolly, I feel better now ;)


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