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A Day in The Neighborhood

One of the perks in staying in our place is the accessibility to public transportation, hospitals, universities, spas, a hotel and our favorite...ahe he eating places galore. A lazy housewife I am so I promised D I would treat him to lunch instead of cooking. Ha ha!
He was of course expecting a fancy place like Kamameshi but much to his surprise, we stopped right in front of Sosing's Carinderia. He can't believe his eyes when he saw the place and uttered "YOU eat here? How did you find out about this place?" Hmm...I was assigned in Casino Filipino - Pavilion when I discovered the place. During one of our executive meetings (Yes, our naughty Building Administration Officer made us eat food from the carinderia! Until now, the Senior Branch Manager doesn't know that, he he.) I tasted the most delicious Mechado and Bicol Express ever so I traced the roots. I was told that it was home-cooking and bought from a carinderia. I made a mental note to visit the place, but it was only today that I got the chance to do so. And gladly, my loving hubby was with me to savor the experience in eating at a carinderia after so many years of not being able to. We ordered beef caldereta (no mechado today), bicol express, ginataang puso ng saging and 3 1/2 cups of rice. Boy, it was a feast. Ang sarap! And the best part was that the bill is as expected ~ cheap.
A few more steps and we reached Becky's Kitchen, a bakeshop famous for their chewy chocolate crinkles and perfectly baked fudge brownies. We ordered a slice of Swiss Chocolate Cake and three pieces of crinkles.
And our lunch, no, our day was complete!

hahaha. Sosing is a landmark in that place. And I soooo love carinderia food (syempre, walang patawad di ba??haha) My sosi ex and I were driving down that place before and I pointed out Sosing. Sabi ba naman: "At bakit naman kita pakakainin jan?" :P - ajay

p.s. ang sipag mo mag-blog ah. Looks like this thing is doing u and D some good... it's evident that you're going to more places together!!!

Hay naku, d bale nang hindi sosi. Ang sarap talaga ng food eh! Magkakasundu tayo nyan basta dyan sa Sosing, lalo na walking distance sya from our place. Pero sweet ng ex mo ha. Aw, too bad ex na.
D once said, anu yan talaga bang gusto mo magdate o gusto mong may ma-iblog? Syempre I replied, both. Ha ha.

i love becky's kitchen! di ba this is somewhere near vito cruz? or along vito cruz? hehe. anyway, they have the best fudge brownies!! yummy!

yep, it's along v cruz. pareho pala tayong mahilig kumain, he he. at in love kay tom. :)

Hi Jane,

I blog-hopped to yours and read your posts , nice one you got here and looks to me you are enjoying your travels around the country ...! Keep it up! -omski

hi omski! tnx 4 dropping by...
yes, I do love my travels around the country, so much more than the city of Manila:)

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