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Nifty Tips from An Out-of-Town Traveler

Okay so I'm not a pro, but I have some practical things to share to help you enjoy your out-of-town trips:
1. Before going anywhere, do a research of the place ~ best to check where to stay, the places to see and the delectable food to try.
2. Always have your car checked before traveling.
3. Aside from the budgeted gasoline, toll fees, lodging, food and beverage expenses allocate a spare change in case of emergency. Not all establishments in the province accept credit cards.
4. For long drives, it is best to have two drivers alternating. You don't want to exhaust a friend and make him miss all the fun by dozing off early due to fatigue.
5. Beach mats, sleeping bags, tents and a swiss knife are good investments for picnics and camping.
6. Include Off-lotion in your first aid kits.
7. Bring zip-locks to protect your camera and videocam from humidity.
8. Bring extra plastic bags to keep your wet swimwear and another for your flipflops.
9. Bring lots of bottled water.
10. Bring basic meds - pain killer, anti-histamines, anti-diarrhea and the like.
11. Let someone know where you're going and when you're coming back especially if you are not familiar with the place that you're going to visit.
12. It's always best to tavel in groups ~ so you'll have great pics of you and your hubby while jet skiing & speed boating, too bad for us we only had each other. Sigh.
13. After a long drive, get a massage. Ha! Nothing can beat that.
Enjoy your trip!

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