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Cleaner's Tips

Alas, I'm done with my seemeingly endless household duties of cleaning the bathroom, floor polishing, vacuuming carpets, changing sheets, washing dishes and throwing the garbage. Eversince D fractured the 4th and 5th metacarpals of his left hand, I became in-charge of everything. Two more weeks and my sufferings will end. His orthopedic surgeon said he'll be fine by then. Relief. While I was at it I made a mental note of listing the things I learned over the years and religiously apply, making the cleaning load lighter. Here goes :
1. Spray Muriatic Acid over the hard to clean areas of the bathroom. Let it stay for a few minutes before doing the actual cleaning. Do this once a month ONLY.
2. To prevent mildew and bacteria build up, it helps to keep the shower curtains spread out especially when wet.
3. I always add a few drops of vinegar in the floor polish. It helps keep the shine.
4. Armor-all, a polishing liquid used for cars is a good wood polisher too.
5. For oil stains on clothes, sprinkle talcum powder over the affected area before the regular washing. Works like magic.
6. Ink stains on cloth can be removed by spraying it with hair spray before washing. Another magic touch.
7. Baking soda works wonders on everything! It can be used as a deodorizer, stain remover and as a whitening ingredient.
8. Lemon juice helps remove stains on the floors and is a good polisher too if added with the cleaning solution.
9. The vacuum cleaner is also a good dust remover. I use it before wiping the furnitures. This way, I don't spread dust elsewhere which happens in regular dusting.
10. I wash glasses before washing oily plates and spoons/forks to avoid the sponge from absorbing the oil and spreading it.
That's it. Any suggestions? Please drop a comment.

that reminds me to get up and start cleaning the house..

i do it once a week, parusa pero worth it naman. pag longer than that, mas parusa sa kapal ng alikabok! thanks for dropping by :)

hwaw, ang hilig mo pala talaga maglinis (tamad ako, somebody does it for me. I'd rather work in the kitchen) but these tips sure come in handy:)

ikaw kasi you have a choice - may mauutusan, ako wala ha ha. pero no kidding, favorite kong maglinis during my free time. i-share mona lang yan sa maid mo. at patikim ng home cooking mo. :)

nice page you got here... :)

tnx for visiting lethargicsoul

Thanks for the tips (esp. #5 and #6)! I copied them to my notepad, if you don't mind. I enjoy cleaning up the house, and my room, I find it therapeutic. :)

It's therapeutic for me too Carey. I can't stand a dirty house. My hubby says I'm OB, he he.

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