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Of Travels and Destinations

I feel like a kid praying for summer to stay a bit longer until I travel to my next destination...wherever that is. Ajay and I had small talks about going to Malaysia or Macau. Until now, she can't decide if she can come with me. Oya wants to go to Korea. But we'll be needing a visa for that and we're not sure if we'll be granted with one. Dylan would love to tavel with me! His request for leave was denied. Maybe if I gather enough confidence to travel alone, I will go. But who's going to take my pictures? Sigh.

Traveling alone sometimes has its rewards since it makes you appreciate yourself better. At the end of the trip, your can-do attitude goes up several notches higher. As for taking photos of yourself, there are always people willing to oblige. And there's such a thing called a tripod, my dear.....

Tnx 4 the tip Al! Maybe one of these days I'll do just that. Oh, and yes, I have a tripod. Why didn't I think of that? LOL

thanks anonymous

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