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Sun vs. Beach Babe

The sun hates me! And I hate him back. This, I found out after my beach hopping escapades in Cebu, Bohol and Siargao. One visit and several tests at the derma's clinic revealed that my skin is extra sensitive to the heat. Since then, I learned to live with layers and layers of sunblock gel/cream/lotion, or sometimes even avoided going out during the day. Talk about turning into a vampire, asleep all day and (gimmick) thirsty at night! Bwahahaha.....
But this time I'm declaring a WAR against the sun up there. Oh please, be good to me Mr. sun. I'm joining my in-laws for a Pangasinan beach trip, and I'm all up to it.
My battle gears :
1. As advised by the derma, I stopped using my Obagi treatment set for a week now.
2. Sunblock gel for my face (that's because my face is oily, if your face is dry, use a sunblock cream instead) , lotion for my body every 20 mins and right after every swim.
3. Lip balm for my lips and coconut oil for the hair (free hot oil treatment, just don't mind the smell).
4. Hydrate! Double, triple my water consumption. Small bottles of distilled water come in handy.
5. I gotta wear shades. And goggles under water.
6. Cap or bandana when strolling around.
7. A first aid kit. Don't go swimming without one.
8. Cotton shirts, linen pants and flipflops - the best beach attire.
But if all else fails, I hope my golf umbrella will do. Ha ha.

Interesting blog! May I know what the brand of your sunblock gel is? Thanks

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