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On A Sick Leave

My baby is sick so I'm taking some time off because he needs all the loving right now. Be back soon...

poor baby * hugs *

so cute.....

get well soon..:0)

better take care of Alf!

happy weekend!

sad... i hope alf gets well soon. uso ata sakit sa doggies ngayon. kse officemate ko, yung dog nila, may sakit din

awwww wawa naman si alf. pagaling ka ha.

J , i hope he'll get well soon TC

ay, ang cute naman ng baby mo.

hope he gets well soon! :)

aww cute ng aso.. ok nba sya?

arf arf! rrrr....(get well in dog speak)

She looks cute... I hope she'll get well.. soon. Ching!

hope she gets well soon!

Woof! Woof! - (Take Care!)

ang cute naman ng baby mo, kawawa naman at may sakit. sana gumaling na agad sya. ;)

He's such a cutie. Hope he gets well soon.

im sure your TLC will make your baby feel better soon!

Oh no! But I'm sure he'll be fine soon :)

Get well soon, baby!

Get well soon to ur baby!

ang cute.. hindi ako mahilig sa aso pero naku-cute-an ako sa "anak" mo

ohhhhhhhh... poor baby!

hoping he gets well soon! Kisses from me!

Get well soon Alf! Para makapag blog na si mommy.

teka , disoriented ako si dogie ba o si hunny ang me sakit?

get well soon, alf!

awww poor baby. hope he gets well soon!

hugs*hugs*hugs! mwahhh! - for your baby.

hope he's better now!

shocks!i love dogs!nice!

awooooo awoooooo awoooo....

galing na ba?

gute besserung kay Alf :)

Well, just so you know, we'll be waiting...

P.S. Hope your baby feels better real soon!

how's alf now?

I hope magaling na sya ngayon.

aaaawww. hugz to you and baby...

elo! hope your baby's ok na! =D just dropping by...

get well soon to your baby ang cute pa naman :)

awww get well cuty!

alf! pagaling ka ha.

aaw, I hope your baby gets better soon.

is that a shih tzu.. how cute :) me, i have two, so it's hard taking care of them. I hope your baby feels much better now :)

poor baby, hope alf feels better now*,*

as long as his shots are updated he should be ok. just take him to a good vet. :)

Yes, cute pic. Take care


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Maraming salamat!

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