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For Dylan

I was just watching you sleep,
so peaceful...like a child.
And I realized
that there's nowhere else in this world
that I would want to be
except right here...
beside you.
I love you.

WOW, Jairam...what a sweet poem! For reals, it's really good...

why aren't YOU sleeping? :P

Woah! What a lullaby!


wow! ang sweet mo! hmmm, i wonder how D reacts?


hope the "baby" is already fine.


awwww! so sweet jairam.

How sweet! Stay in love.

thanks so much guys, was feeling "mushy" last night while hubby was snoring he he
Ymir, baby Alf is due for another check up on Thursday. I wish he'll get bette each day.

Ang sweet naman. Hope your baby gets better soon. :)

thank you Ate Irene.

This is oh so sweet Jairam....:D

marekoy, wag ka naman mang-inggit hehehe antsamis tsamis talaga parang bagong pitas na pukyutan hehehehe

I do that sometimes...watching hubby sleeping and thinking how much I love him! hehe
sweet and romantic tayo, ingat tayo sa langgam*wink*

wow! so sweet! :)

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