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The Cost of Vanity

If there's one super big investment I've done lately, I can only think of my obagi treatment. The medicines and the facials definitely made a mark on my savings account to date. Thing is, I've tried lots already and nothing made my zits stop from coming until I discovered the life changing trasformation with the help of no less than the doctor-of-the-stars herself, Ms. Vicky Belo. I don't need to blog about her, I'm sure she's a star herself and articles about her and the Belo Clinics are found everywhere, including in the Times Magazine. The picture here is a sample of obagi's success. I hope you think the same way, too. Aha ha! Hey! I'm the one with the turban, and take note -> no make-up.
For starters, visit Derma Basics Skin & Hair Clinic. The branch that I've tried is in Robinsons Manila, at the 2nd floor Faura wing. They are the only ones licensed by the Belo Group to repackage and sell Obagi meds in sample sizes. One set is worth about P5k/$100.

Cool! Warcraft Orc! (the one behind the fairy princess in the bandanna, okay?) If Dr. Belo can make me look like that...I am so there.

Funny ha, Dominique :)

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